Feet First Center for Contemporary and Classical Dance was established in 1982 by Nancy Etter in an effort to bring the Phoenixville Community quality dance training, emphasizing a blend of the technical and creative.  Throughout the past twenty-eight years, Feet First has provided classes in creative movement, modern, ballet, pointe, tap, jazz and dance composition to students aged 3 through adult.  Each year the last semester culminates in a performance highlighting the students from each class.  Traditionally, the performance is a dance story with multicultural appeal.  Recently, the performances have also included themes such as visual arts and poetry.  In the fall of 2018, Kelsey Brennan will be the acting Artistic Director along side her business partner, Kate Shier, our new Business manager. Both are very excited to be stepping into these new roles.

Feet First provides age appropriate dance education that recognizes the child, teen and adult as a whole human being, challenging and inspiring through technique, meaningful content and creative dance work. For the younger child Feet First provides a creative, self-esteem affirming approach to dance with a playful, dramatic use of stories and poems to inspire expression, team work, and individual development of emotional, social, mental and movement skills.