The 2018-2019 dance season consists of two seventeen week sessions.  It is important to remember that a dance education is a continual process.  The system of sessions is solely for billing purposes.  The design of the curriculum at Feet First is that of a continual, progressive program of study.

Tuition is payable per semester in one single payment prior to the first lesson either at the Open House or over the summer through the mail.  There is a payment plan option available please contact for more details.  Second semester tuition invoices will be mailed to students in December.  Tuition is non-refundable.  No deductions will be made for classes missed.  Make-up classes are available.  A $10.00 late fee is charged for any delayed tuition payments.  A $15.00 fee is charged for returned checks.  Make all checks payable to Feet First.

A performance costume deposit of $40.00 per class is payable with the first semester tuition.  The costume deposit will be refunded if the student does not continue with lessons into the second semester.  The costume fee is not refundable after January 15, 2019. When the costume fee exceeds $40.00 the student will be responsible for the balance.  The faculty makes every effort to keep costume cost as close to $40.00 as possible.  Please be aware that there are other optional performance related expenses, including photographs, DVD and tickets.

All students must fill out a registration form online, or on paper with tuition payment.  A $30.00 annual registration fee per family is required at the time of registration.  The registration fee is waived if all fees for the first semester are paid in full by August 15, 2018. There is also a $30.00 performance fee per student, due in the second semester.

Please note: No student will be permitted to participate in the annual performance in May if there is an outstanding tuition or costume balance.


1st Semester Tuition due – September 4, 2018

2nd Semester Tuition due – January 14, 2019

2018-2019 Tuition Rates per 17 week session

Feet First Dance Tuition Schedule

Fall, 2018 Session I:

17 week Tuition rate:               Registration      Costume Deposit:        Total after 8/15:

(class per wk./one student)      Fee:

1 class-    $15.50  $263.50      $30.00                    $40.00                         $333.50

2 classes-$14.00   $476.00      $30.00                  $80.00                        $586.00

3 classes-$12.50   $637.50      $30.00                  $120.00                        $787.50

4 classes-$11.00   $748.00      $30.00                  $160.00                        $938.00

5 classes-$10.00   $850.00      $30.00                 $200.00                        $1,080.00

6 classes-$   9.50   $969.00     $30.00                 $240.00                         $1,239.00


Spring, 2019 Session II:

18 week Tuition rate:                         Performance Fee            Costume Balance TBD:               Total :

(class per wk./one student)

1 class-    $15.50          $279.00                    $30.00                         $-TBD                         $309.00

2 classes-$14.00         $504.00                    $30.00                         $-TBD                         $534.00

3 classes-$12.50        $675.00                       $30.00                        $-TBD                         $705.00

4 classes-$11.00         $792.00                      $30.00                        $-TBD                         $822.00

5 classes-$10.00        $900.00                      $30.00                        $-TBD                        $930.00

6 classes-$   9.50       $1026.00                     $30.00                        $-TBD                        $1,056.00

Second semester is a 19 week session that includes an extra day off for a snow day or other unforeseen event preventing class.

Refer a friend who enrolls and receive a $15.00 credit.



Mommy/Daddy and Me Classes:

Feet First offers Mommy or Daddy and Me classes for parents and their little ones who are 2-3 years of age. This class is designed to introduce basic dance vocabulary in a fun, energetic, and creative atmosphere. Dancers and parents will dance with props, do obstacle courses, dance out stories, and learn fun new dances! These classes will run for a full 17 week session and are on Saturday mornings from 9:00-10:45.  One session will cost $263.50 in addition to our $30.00 annual registration fee. Either parent, both parents or another adult such as a grandparent may accompany the child. Older siblings, should they wish to attend, may do so for an additional $5 per class.  Sign up today!


Drop In Students:

This year Feet First will start are new “drop in” to a dance class policy. This is designed for the busy, working adults who are unable to commit to a full 17 week session. The card will be for a total of 8 classes and cost $125.00 in addition to our $30.00 annual registration fee. This card is only for college students and adults. No student under the age of 18 will be allowed to use one of these cards. You are allowed to purchase more than one card in a session. Classes not used on the card during the first 17 week session will be able to roll over to the next session which starts in January. If you are interested in this new policy, please indicate that on your registration form and the Office Manager will contact you.



Payment Plan:

If you are interested in doing a payment plan for your tuition, you may contact Kelsey Brennan at Our payment plans break down your total tuition into 2 or 4 installments. There is a $2.50 fee per installment. All payments are due the first week of the month. A friendly reminder will be emailed to you. If your payment is late, a $10.00 late fee will be added to your account. If you are late on a payment more than twice a semester, you will not be permitted to continue on the payment plan.