Youth Company

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Feet First is excited to introduce our newest addition to the Feet First Family; Footage Youth Dance Company. Our mission for this group is to provide young dancers with the opportunity to experience a professional dance atmosphere; while embodying the Feet First spirit directly to our community. These youth dancers will learn dedication, commitment, perseverance, motivation, and self-expression through dance. Lead by company director and founder, Kelsey Patrick, Footage dancers will have the incredible opportunity to represent Feet First at various local and regional events.


You must audition to become a member of the company. Auditions will be held in June 2017 (date to be determined). It is $15.00 a person to audition. Dancers ages 13 and up are welcomed, male or female. Youth Company Dancers are required to take a ballet class, and two other technique classes at Feet First. There are weekly mandatory rehearsals where the dancers learn choreography, and rehearse dances to prepare for upcoming events.


Episcopal House located in Phoenixville- date TBD

Community Day located in Reeve’s Park- September 23rd

ContempraDance Theatre’s Youth Festival- December 2018

Our Youth members perform in the Philadelphia Youth Festival hosted by ContempraDance Theatre in December and April. We also take pride in supporting our community and perform in the Get Well Gabby event at Reeve’s park in the fall.

This year our dancers stood out, and blew audiences away at the December Youth Festival in Philadelphia. “Your dancers performance quality was outstanding!”  a women from another studio expressed to me at the end of the show. “The pieces were so beautiful, and breath taking,” another parent stated from UpBeat Dance Center. Being that this was our FIRST performance, I was and am so proud of all the hard work these dancers have put into this group. I am so incredibly excited to continue to work with them, and continue to watch these beautiful dancers grow not only through their dancing, but also as women.

Footage Photos:

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